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Job Code : PH/TG/TG/01
Job Title : Product Head
Skills : Product Management, UI,UX, Team Management, Entrepreneurship
Job Location : Noida
Posted Date : 2013-12-28
Job Description :


  • Recommendation of features basis understanding of users, clients and understanding the pain areas on the site with complete competitive analysis and international trends. Recommendations need to come with data supported backings. Essential identifying problem with solution OR opportunity with utilization of opportunity route.
  • Feature conceptualization and documentation, responsibility of final delivery by coordinating efforts with the UI, Tech and QC teams. Would also include tracking & measuring the effectiveness of features implemented. Measures would be in terms of being able to come up with features which provide distinct competitive advantage, address key pain areas or can create additional revenue streams or make current revenue streams more effective.
  • The candidate should have demonstrated high ideation skills (out-of-box thinking) with rollouts of key innovations which translated into revenue opportunity, user engagement or in creating a competitive score.
  • Measures of performance would be both in terms of number of major features/key product changes the person is able to get developed at the end of an evaluation period and importantly the impact those features have on key performance metrics like response, revenues, visitors to website etc.

Pre requisites

  • Engineering background
  • 3-6 years of experience in creating/managing delivery of online products.
  • Previous experience on a portal is a MUST.
  • Excellent conceptualization skills.
  • Highly analytical & detail oriented


Contact Details : amit@homosapiens.co.in
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